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For the client who desires something beyond Ready to Wear or has unique fit requirements, Wardrobe for Men offers Made to Measure and Custom Made options.


Made to Measure brings you a range of high performance cloth in various patterns, colours and a choice of suit styles. Once the cloth is chosen a set of measurements is taken and a basic pattern is adjusted within the maker’s parameters. Your finished garment arrives within 3 to 5 weeks, at which time; we will have you come in for your fitting. Any minor adjustments will then be made to fine tune the fit. A personalized cut above Ready to Wear!


Custom Made offers a broad range of styles and cloth to choose from. Once the cloth is selected we will guide you through the styling details. This is when you personalize your garment. We then take a full set of measurements and describe your figure. Several photos are taken to give our cutter a clear understanding of your unique shape. Within two weeks we will have your “skeleton try-on”. It is at the basted stage of construction with the canvas showing, so don’t be alarmed. Unless a second try-on is warranted, the next time you see your “Custom Suit” is in 3 to 5 weeks. It is now at the “finished” stage and may only require a little tweaking to perfect the fit. 

A truly exquisite suit!  Beautifully fit, unique and made for you and only you.

Sports jackets, trousers and vests are also available within both our Made to Measure and Custom Made services.

Wardrobe for Men will be happy to fashion Made to Measure shirts for you as well. We have a beautiful range of cloth for you to choose from as well as style options. An excellent way to enhance your new Ready to Wear, Made to Measure or Custom Made wardrobe essentials.


( If you are unable to keep your appointment, please cancel at least 24 hours beforehand. Another client may wish to use your cancelled space )